Jesus Fastens His Life to Our Life

“My dear friend, one thing is certainly true about Christ.  All that He has ever been He must forever be.  All that He was to those first disciples, He must be ready to be to any one, even the least of His disciples.  His power is nothing at any one point if it is not powerful at all points; nothing, if not eternal.  How is it possible, then, that Christ should do for you and me what he did for Peter and John, and Matthew and Nathanael?  It is not hard to see, and to many people living just such lives as we live it has become the most real of experiences.  Jesus, the Jesus of the Gospels, fastens his life to our life.   By His life and death, bearing witness of His love, He twines Himself into our being.  To love Him becomes a real thing.  He is close by our side.   He is right in our lot every day.  Then as we go on living thus with Him some crisis of our life occurs, some need of action.  We are put to some test, and as we stand doubting, or as we go and do the act in our low way, Christ, right by our side, does it in His higher way.  Not that His hands visibly touch our tools and do the work we have to do.  But it becomes evident to us what He would do under our circumstances, what one only thing it would be possible for Him to do as we are situated.

The gates of that nobler life which He has opened shine before us, and his love draws us on to be with Him.”

Phillips Brooks (Quoted from “Climbing the Heights”)


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